Viral Media Token The Most Deflationary Reward Token

The Viral Media Token is an asset that both rewards holders and shrinks in supply. Tokens are continuously distributed and burned from various sources.


Viral Media Token

A 100% Unique Concept

People Holding VMT's Get Rewarded From Various Sources. 50% Of Profits Are Used To Buy And Distribute To Holders, 50% Is Used To Buy VMT's And Burn From The Total Supply. Profit Sources Include:

Ad Revenue From Viral Sites
Trading Fees Whenever VMT's Get Traded On Buzzex
Withdrawal Fees When VMT's Get Withdrawn

The Deflation And Reward Cycle

Earn Profits
Buy VMT's
Reward Holders
Burn VMT's

Road Map

May 2019

Create Concept To Create the World's Most Deflationary And Rewarding Cryptocurrency.

June 2019

Create Viral Media Token On The Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20 Compliant Token).

July 2019

Finalize Development Of The First Asset In The Viral Media Network, The Viral Football Site.

August 2019

Start The Testing Phase Of Viral Football Site With Limited Amount Of Users And Make Final Improvements.

August 2019

Launch The First Asset In The Viral Media Network And Start Bounty Campaign Targeting 4 Billion Football Fans Worldwide.

August 2019

Open Up Trading Markets For VMT and Make VMT A Base Currency On The Buzzex Exchange. Start Application process On Other Crypto Exchanges.

September 2019

Start Buyback And Make First Distribution To VMT Holders And Start Of Burning VMT's Every Day.

2020 And Beyond

Add Additional Assets In The Viral Media Network To Buy More VMT's, Distribute Them To Holders And Burn VMT's From The Total Supply.

Core Features

Earn Ad Revenue

The Viral Media Network Builds Viral Websites That Earn Profits From Placing Advertisements On Its Sites.

Acquire Bitcoin

Ad Profit Dollars Are Turned Into Bitcoin In Order To Buy VMT's From The Market.

Mainstream Adoption

All Websites In The Viral Media Network Are Mainstream Websites, Resulting In More Dollars Being Turned Into Bitcoin To Grow Adoption.

Growing Trading Volume

As More Dollars Are Turned Into Bitcoin, The Trading Volume In VMT Markets Will Grow, Holders Will Earn More And Deflation Will Rise.

Profit Distribution

VMT Holders Will Be Rewarded With 50% Of All VMT's Bought From The Market, Using Profits From The Viral Media Network And Trading Fees.

VMT Token Burn

Every Single Day, The Total Supply Of VMT's Will Shrink As 50% Of Profits From The Viral Media Network And Trading Fees Are Used To Burn VMT's.

Total VMT Supply
Total VMT's Burned
Remaining VMT Supply
Percentage VMT's Burned


Token Specs

  • Token name:Viral Media Token
  • Initial Supply84,000,000
  • Ticker Symbol:VMT
  • Platform:Ethereum
  • Standard:ERC20
  • Contract:0x822de209e86d8699e085227c7aaa9468e8e925ae
  • Benefit 1:Earn VMT's Daily When Holding
  • Benefit 2:Daily Token Burn


Frequently Asked Questions

The Viral Media Token aims to become the world’s most deflationary cryptocurrency, and at the same time the most rewarding one. We believe that a combination of burning tokens from the total supply every single day to make the token hyper deflationary, and rewarding people for holding the token is the perfect combination to create a valuable asset.

In September of 2019, the first profit share distribution will run. Everybody that holds VMT’s in his Buzzex account will earn from the profit share based on how many VMT’s he holds. 

While we plan to add more sources of profits to share with VMT holders, starting from September there will be 3 major sources of profits:

  1. Ad Revenue From The First Asset In The Viral Media Network
  2. 50% of Trading fees from VMT markets on Buzzex
  3. 50% Of withdrawal fees on Buzzex when members withdraw VMT

The Viral Media Network is building viral websites that entertain a mainstream audience. There is no reference to crypto and a mainstream audience will use the sites because they enjoy them.

There are numerous projects that have failed because they think they can convince a mainstream audience to join and get excited about crypto. The truth is that 99.99%+ of mainstream audiences aren’t even remotely interested in blockchain technology. We believe that building mainstream websites that people use becuase they like them is the way forward to create a valuable asset that can change the way people save money. 

An ultra-deflationary cryptocurrency that rewards holders every day is extremely valuable. We aim to create that ultimate store of value.

VMT is a partner project of the Buzzex Exchange, and our company is located in Seychelles with company number 210338. Here you can find verification.


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